Painting – for me is like recording the scene or events of today for tomorrow the way I see them. If someone in the future looks at my work, he or she will be able to recognize the period through my painting. Just like in music, when you hear a familiar tune, it reminds you of the time when that music was being played. More than that, you might even remember the things you were doing then. I think it works the same way in any branch of art such as painting.

I create my works with intricate details but would like to show the painterly side of it as well so that the viewers will get involved with my subject. I want them to have the feel of that moment, of being emotionally present at the site, witnessing and enjoying the beauty of that particular landscape or event. If I am able to arouse their curiosity then, I had accomplished my objectives.

Images of weathered structures, especially those with a historical past, interest me most. The richness in texture is what gives the subject aura and distinction. Portraits and Landscapes with natural composition and color balance, which employs the three values, draw my attention. There are also certain events, with special appeal and meaning that invite me to paint the scene.



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